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Choose the right clothes for hunting!

It is very important to choose the right clothes to go hunting. They must adapt to the land to which you will go, clothing appropriate for hunting.

The clothes that you choose depends on the environment and the type of hunting that you are going to do, the jacket, pants, and boots are the most essential garments.

List of clothing

1) Jacket

It is an important garment for security if you plan to go out and hunt at a fixed point. Your best option is to choose a large jacket with pockets to hold inside your documentation. It is necessary to select the color well. It must be similar to the environment you will be hunting in, helping to camouflage yourself better.

2) Vestjacket 300x300 - Clothing For Hunting

Not all hunters use this accessory, but it serves for extra protection and to keep some objects in the pockets also.

3) Pants

These should be comfortable and allow free movement, and most importantly, making no noise, like corduroy or military fabric, and have pockets to keep documents and other objects. The color can be brown or green to camouflage, and preferably a fabric that dries quickly, the pockets should have velcro or button closure.

4) Bootssnake boots 300x300 - Clothing For Hunting

There are many styles of boots, and the choice depends on the hunter who uses them. The most recommended are the ones that prevent insects and wounds from branches or stones. When choosing boots, consider the fact that they need to protect your feet and ankles from a sprain or any other injury. They should also be lightweight and with gripping soles, to prevent slipping.

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