Clothing and Accessories for Kayaking

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Wear appropriate clothing and take the necessary accessories for kayaking

Like all adventure sports, for kayaking, there are special clothes and accessories, so that the crossing is as comfortable and safe.

The clothing used for kayaking is the key to obtaining comfort and safety. So it is essential to know how to choose clothes according to the weather conditions and water temperature.

The clothes and accessories for kayaking are detailed below.

  1. The vest: It is an essential accessory that not only protects us from the cold but also keeps us afloat in case of falling into the water. Some vests have pockets in which to carry a camera, a telephone, a spotlight, etc. There are many styles of vests from the most basic to those that have several pockets for carrying equipment.
  2.  Head protection: It is important to protect the head in summer against the sun and in winter against the cold. fire 1209451 1920 300x300 - Clothing and Accessories for KayakingFor the summer a straw or canvas hat or a cap protects against the sun, for winter a type of polar hat.
  3.  Footwear: There are special shoes that are comfortable, soft and made for water, also for summer they must be open to evacuate the water. For winter it is best to wear neoprene shoes that maintain the temperature even if they get wet.
  4.  Kayak shirts: There are special thermal winter shirts made of polypropylene, which keep the body relatively dry. In the case of very cold weather, you should use a fleece jacket. The shirt can also be used in the summer because it is thermal, you can also use a short sleeve shirt made of polypropylene and polyamide.
  5.  Gloves: For winter and cold, it is essential to wear neoprene gloves. In summer, use cycling gloves to paddle to avoid the formation of blisters on our hands.
  6.  Suits: For the winter and very cold weather, it is advisable to use a light wetsuit, another option is dry suits. For the summer a trouser, a lightweight shirt with long sleeves, with a unique fabric used for sweating.

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