Climb the Black Canyon in Colorado

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Climb the Black Canyon Gunnison and reach the summit!

The Black Canyon Gunnison combines the best depth, width and purity like no other in North America, some are longer, narrower and some more vertical but the Black Canyon is the best and located in Colorado.

  • The Gunnison River is located to the west of the state. It is a rough river that has been making its way through time in the granite rock, carving a canyon with large dimensions.
  • The walls of the canyon rise 1800 feet above the river and the walls are a short distance between them, increasing the depth Outdoors climbing 300x300 - Climb the Black Canyon in Coloradosensation.
  • Bands of white pegmatite rock emerge on the walls contrasting with the dark granite.
  • The walls on both sides of the river are of the same height, although if you observe from one of the margins, it produces a visual effect, it seems that one is taller than the other.
  • All climbs begin on the river bank, so it is necessary to walk down to the starting point.
  • Depending on whether you choose to climb the northern or southern part, you can go down through access channels, or at some points where it is necessary to rappel.
  • If you go down the north side, there are some channels to go down, and other parts should be rappeled. Contact with poison ivy should be avoided so as not to cause damage.
  • If you decide to go down the southern part, it is necessary to do it with ropes of 1800 feet until you reach the river, a rappel adventure.
  • Once the river is reached, the commitment is high, because the only way out is through the summit.oyster lodge colorado lodge 04985173d s 300x300 - Climb the Black Canyon in Colorado
  • In case you want to leave the climb, you have to cross the river by a zip line, to go to the other shore and go up the canals to the other entrance of the park. Remember that you have to walk in the rappel cat shoes since regular shoes were left at the start of the monkfish. After this, you have to look for car transport for more than 2 hours.

Therefore, it is best to try to climb and reach the summit!

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