How To Clean Your Tent?

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Tips To Clean Your Tent

There is nothing better than spending a day outdoors in contact with nature.

When you return from a trip with a dirty tent it is advisable to clean your tent. The outdoor tent is exposed to dust, mud, tree resin, bird droppings and dozens of other things.oyster lodge colorado lodge 04985173e s e1533303956382 - How To Clean Your Tent?

Steps to Clean a Tent

  • Start by sweeping inside the tent to remove dust, leaves, dirt and any other dirt. Then, shake the tent very well so that the soil and external dirt fall off, in this way it will be easier to clean the tent.
  • To clean the walls of a tent, shake them, and use a small brush to remove dirt from corners and creases.
  • Then, lift the tent on one side and give it a few strokes on the bottom with the broom so that all the loose dirt goes to one side and then try to make the dirt fall for the exit.
  • Fill a bucket with cold water and dip a sponge in it. With the sponge, clean the exterior of the tent in vertical movements from top to bottom and from side to side.
  • Then clean the inside of the tent. Make particular emphasis on cleaning the folds and corners because that is where the dirt gets stuck.
  • If you want to dry the tent faster, use a dry cloth to remove as much moisture as possible.
  • Leave the tent open for a few hours under the sun to finish drying it.
  • After this, you can roll up the tent to store it and use it with ease the next time.

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