Need To Clean Your Greenhouse?

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Use a Canvas Sterilizing Hose To Disinfect Flowerbeds and Greenhouse

If you have had re-occurring problems with diseases, a steam hose is a good option to clean your greenhouse. The canvas sterilizing hose is a simple, quick, and efficient method to get complete sterilization with minimal labor. It distributes the steam evenly and completely throughout the entire bed from end to end. It is awesome for organic farmers who have a plot of ground in which plants are growing. You know that as the crop grows, infectious microbes arrive and algae flourish on wet surfaces.
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Denver Tent Company has the best sterilizing hose for you

Product Description

Our 4″ diameter steam hose is made of 14.90-oz Duck Canvas (with or without eyelets).

Steps to clean a greenhouse

First Step: Prevent

The best way to eliminate pests is to start early to reduce their populations prior to the spring growing season. Pests are much easier to prevent than to cure.

Second Step: Cleaning

Before disinfecting a greenhouse, equipment, and benches, it is necessary to remove weeds, debris, and soil physically, because soil and organic residues reduce the effectiveness of disinfectants. There are some cleaners specifically developed for greenhouse use, but high-pressure power washing with soap and water is also an option.
Here is when you can use your sterilizing hose. Begin at the top and work downward. First, clean the walls and internal structures, and then the floor of soil, organic matter, and weeds.


Disinfectants will help control pathogens, and some disinfectants are also labeled for managing algae, which are a group of plants that cause problems for growers. Algae is a food source for insect pests and may cause slippery walkways that can create risk for workers and customers.

Denver Tent manufactures high-quality fabric items for industrial, business, residential, and recreational uses. We offer exceptional products, customer service, and purchase advice. As a greenhouse owner or organic farmer, you can use the sterilizing hose and be sure that the results you were looking for will show very soon.

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