Christmas in a Denver Tent

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Christmas Camping? It´s a good alternative!

Camping at Christmas could sound strange, but it is an alternative to spend a memorable Christmas that will  always be remembered by your kids.

Find a Hot Spot

You could think of traveling to a hotter place even within the United States. The Southern states feature higher temperatures during this month. Average temperatures for the month of December in some of these states are listed below in degrees Fahrenheit.

State                                               High °F              Low °F

Miami, Florida                                  78                   63
Orlando, Florida                               73                   52
Los Angeles, California                   68                   48
Phoenix, Arizona                              67                   45
New Orleans, Louisiana                   64                   47
Austin, Texas                                    63                   42
Choose the place and start planning your camping trip. It is recommended to take a large thick canvas tent that provides a bit more insulation, with a wood burning stove with a massive supply of wood, in case it gets cold.  If you don’t want to buy one just for Christmas, you still have the option to rent it and you can even go glamping with all the luxury that this holiday deserves.



A campfire is essential. You can sit around the campfire at Christmas, singing some carols and drinking hot chocolate.


Get some oil or candle lantershashlik 762529 e1494261688207 - Christmas in a Denver Tentns to create a better atmosphere


This is the best recipe I have found to celebrate Christmas at a campsite
Kebabs make the perfect camping meal.
You will need:
A small BBQ
Beef or chicken
Cherry tomatoes
If you are using wooden skewers wet them to keep them from burning.
Cut beef (or your chosen meat) into cubes.
Cut vegetables into similar sizes and push onto skewers with the meat in between.
Place the kebabs over the fire and cook for 10-15 minutes. Turn skewers so that each side is cooked.

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