Choosing The Best Tent For Your Event

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Interested in hosting an outdoor event? Are you contemplating a tent for your venue? There are numerous factors you must consider. You can’t decide on a particular tent based solely on its appearance. You must analyze some other relevant variables, such as the outdoor surface and the overall footage. Here are 3 questions to help you help you choose the best tent for your outdoor event!

1. Grass, Cement or Asphalt?

Different surfaces call for different tents. Before picking the best option for you, make sure to assess the space and establish the foundation where it will be placed. When you have grass as the foundation, it is ideal to get a staked down tent. But for cement or asphalt surface, it is better to find a free-standing tent.
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2. How Much Space is Available?

Some tents need more space than others. So, measuring the available space becomes extremely important to determine which tent is appropriate for each event. Another important aspect to consider is the amount of guests that will attend the event.

3. Are Interior Poles Acceptable?

Are you expecting to have a clear view of the entire event or are center poles inside the tent acceptable? Frame tents and clear span structures permit spacious, unobstructed interiors. On the other hand, pole and tension tents provide large swooping peaks generated by interior center poles. Take time to reflect on your imagined event layout before making your final decision.
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Choosing the perfect event tent can be an overwhelming process.  There are so many factors that influence the type of tent you need. Denver Tent Company offers many different types of tents for any of your outdoor party needs. We also offer custom designs, so if you don’t find a tent that covers all your needs, we can build a special one, just for you. Contact us today!

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