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Event tents are perfect for all occasions!

When we are going to have a party or outdoor activity, it is crucial to use an awning to be able to enjoy outdoors without the menace of the weather, rain, wind, etc.

The outdoor celebrations are simply sensational. They allow us to appreciate the greens and natural beauty of the day and also connect with the starry sky and the well-lit trees at night.

There are many options for awnings depending on the activity and number of people. We can choose a single awning in which people can be accommodated, or larger ones if it is an activity that includes dinner, dance floor, and others.

If it is a considerable activity consult with the professionals of Denver Tent Company. We can guide you in the size of the awning. We can even customize it for the activity, at any time of year.PartyMate2 e1420783424628 300x300 - Choose the Perfect Event Tent for your Activity

Daytime summer events need sun protection, choose open but opaque tents, which do not allow the filtration of solar rays.

For the winter the awnings or tents that are usually used are closed and have a double layer to avoid the external temperatures, with proper air ventilation.

Types of tents for different events

Simple tents

As its name indicates, it is the simplest version. It consists basically of 4 folding legs and an awning. They are ideal for small stands, bars, etc. Of course, the surface that covers is minimal and can accommodate very few people.vmv 300x300 - Choose the Perfect Event Tent for your Activity

Larger tents

They accommodate all the people you need. We can customize it to your necessities.

Party Canopies from Denver Tent Company

As the name implies, this is the tent to have a party in (or under). We know that outfitters, cowboys, campers and outdoor enthusiasts like to party while they are in the great outdoors! This tent is perfect for cooking or relaxing in after the day’s hunt, or pack trip is done. Reliable, durable, affordable, and easy. The Denver Tent Canopy is the perfect solution for any event or occasion.




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