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Fishing in fun!

There is nothing more peaceful that sitting in the middle of a lake, quietly and patiently waiting for that fish to catch, checking your equipment, sharing silence, and hopefully returning to base camp with fresh fish for the night’s dinner.

Colorado Tent by River - Catch of the day

Outdoors Small fish - Catch of the dayCatch and release

Fishing is fast becoming a very popular pastime for individuals and families. It keeps you active and out in the fresh air, it teaches your kids about fish and nature and the value of being able to catch your own dinner (if you can get them to eat fish), and it lets the rest of us shake off the work week and relax. And, of course, it is awesome when you finally catch that fish and it is understandable why you would want to do it again and again. But we also have to respect the waters and the creatures that call it home. Fish may seem to swim in endless streams and imagining that a type of fish could become extinct can be hard to wrap your head around, but some fish are in danger of dying out. Right now, the striped bass seems to be the fish in decline…again.

The Striped Bass in the 1980’s

In the 1980’s, if it was black and white and striped all over – maybe even over-sized and cinched at the waist – then it was totally bangin’. Is it any wonder that the striped bass was also extremely popular during the 80’s? Because of this rise in striped bass fishing trends in the 80’s, conservation was essential to protect the dwindling populations. Limits were put on the size of striped bass you were allowed to keep and eat so that they could protect the younger generation of bass, allow them to grow up and breed, thus re-establishing a healthy population of striped bass back in to the waters. By 1995, the initiative was declared a success and the striped bass was formally declared “restored”.

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Photo credit: Wikimedia/Tim Van Vliet

Bass to the future

With the restrictions lifted, bass enthusiast breathed a sigh of relief, and went back to fishing, and fishing, and fishing without limits, and unfortunately studies are now showing that we are slowly going back to the dwindling and unstable bass fish populations of the 1980’s and we need to reinstate rules and regulations so that we don’t lose this fish all together. Ironically, 80’s fashion has also made a comeback, big curls, over the shoulder crop tops, leggings and oversized leather jackets are everywhere again!..But I digress. The point is, try to conserve the fish when you are out on the water catching your fish. It’s perfectly okay to just keep the ones you’ll grill up for dinner and practice catch and release for the rest of them.

Arcticreels - Catch of the day

The perfect accessory for a day of fishing: The Arcticreel Fisherman’s Bag.

For all your base camp needs when returning from a great fun filled and fruitful day on the waters catching fish and spending quality family time, look to the Denver Tent Company. We have the best canvas wall tents in Colorado, not to mention all the camping accessories you will need to create a comfortable, safe and lasting base camp. 

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