Camping with kids? Here are 5 Ideas to Consider

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When you are planning a camping trip with kids, it is very important to consider their ideas and make them participate in the preparation and packing process. The main purpose of this is to help them feel like they are an important part of the trip, but also to learn the prep steps and prepare them for their own camping adventures in the future.

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5 things to consider when camping with your kids

  1. Try to be enthusiastic at all times, this will transmit a positive attitude to them. However, don’t overdo it, it should feel genuine and natural.
  2. Let them do their own packing -with adult supervision- to transmit a sense of responsibility to them.
  3. Allow them to pack some of their favorite toys, to entertain themselves with, but teach them how you need to be aware of the space limitations for a camping trip. Use this as a teaching op, you need to sometimes make choices in life, this choice is about what goes and what can stay.
  4. Bring the bikes along, it should help keep them busy and burn extra energy for a while.
  5. Finally, kids are often hungry and love snacks, so make sure to take some delicious snacks with you. Opt for a variety of snacks, such as some fresh fruit, sweets, sandwiches, etc.

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