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Tips for Camping in the Winter and Not Freezing in the Attempt

For adventurous people, winter is packing the necessary stuff in the backpack to sleep outdoors and under the stars in a tent. Here we share four tips for camping as warmly as possible.

Wear the Right Clothescamping in the snow 300x199 - Camping in the Winter

Wear clothes that keep you warm during periods of inactivity. For the first inner layer, thermal polyester clothing is the best. For exercise, the ideal is a breathable fleece to inhibit the accumulation of perspiration. Use a scarf that can be easily removed and lifted to regulate body temperature, and wear a light jacket that is waterproof and breathable. But, above all cover your ankles, hands, neck, and lower back. They are essential to regulate body temperature and stay away from the cold.

Locate the Best Area to Assemble Your Tent

When you look for your spot to camp, it is essential that you study the place a bit. It is not only important to look for the least inclined site. Observe what part of the area is the sunniest throughout the day, and where there is less humidity, it will make the difference at night. In the morning, leave the tent open to ventilate and dry the perspiration – moisture – but, before evening falls, close the tent so that the last rays of the sun warm it.

Use the Correct Sleeping Bag

It is essential that the exterior material is breathable. In the morning, turn it over and dry it over the tent. At night, before going to sleep, cover yourself with it while you are having dinner, so that it gets warm, but be careful not to bring it too close to the campfire, they are usually made of highly winter camping tips 221x300 - Camping in the Winterflammable material.

Extra Tip: the Water Bag

Do you know about hot water bags? They are not only ideal to relieve pain, but they are also an excellent element for camping. Fill it with hot water 20 minutes before going to sleep and put it inside your sleeping bag, and it will feel like home!

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