Camping Tips: Plan Before You Go!

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Denver Tent Company has over 125 years of outdoor experience, and we have been to the highest mountain and the deepest valley, so we definitely know how to give you relevant advice for your camping trips and what might be best for you. On this article we will provide you with three useful tips to consider before your camping adventure:

Do Not Over Pack

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One of the most frequent mistakes that novice campers make is that they take more than what’s actually necessary for their outdoor adventure. When you carry extra stuff, the amount of weight increases and the space reduces; which is something that can be irritating for your camping buddies that need to share a reduced space with you. It is always good to learn in advance as much as you can about the place where you are camping in the wild, to make a list with the things that are necessary for your trip.

First Aid Kit

It is a must that you bring Screen Shot 2015 03 29 at 21.19.01 e1456267060825 - Camping Tips: Plan Before You Go!a first aid kit along in case something unexpected occurs. If you already have a First Aid Kit at home, make sure that your medicines and health products are not expired. Also, you can find several First Aid checklists on the internet, in case you don’t know what to get to put it together.

Food Planning

Food Planning is also a must before your camping trip. It could be possible that you are miles away from any convenience store, plus planning ahead allows you to save time and money. We recommend that you count at least three meals and two snacks for each person. Also, try to avoid taking things that take up a lot of space. Remember that space in a tent is precious and will definitely help you maintain the peace with your loved ones.

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