Camping Spots in the Western USA

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Looking for a Place to Camp in the Western USA?

Take a look at these beautiful spots. Trails to hike, peaks to climb, lakes to swim, and fresh air to breathe.

Yosemite National Park, California

Known for its famous Yosemite Valley, High Sierra peaks and Half Dome, a rock for challenging climbers. If you hike to the Glacier Point, you will be able to see the places mentioned below. But the best part of this park is the “wilderness” sensation, without house, cars, roads, or electricity.
There are two trails to choose for hiking: the Four-Mile Trail, which takes about 6 to 7 hours, and the most challenging hike, the Panorama Trail, which is twice as long.

Yosemite National Park - Camping Spots in the Western USA

Yosemite National Park

Joshua Tree National Park, California

Some people might think that camping in the desert is not fun, but this park has its enchantments.
It is located in the middle of two different ecosystems: the Colorado Desert to the east, and the Mojave Desert to the west. The last is higher, wetter, and cooler.
This park features more than 10 high peaks which are very popular with adventurers who love rock-climbing. Be careful! This is only for experts.
It has 9 campgrounds that are already settled. The rest is for the first to arrive. Backcountry camping is also allowed, but you need to register in advance.

Olympic National Park, Washington

There are three different ecosystems here. The Quinault Rain Forest and you will be able to see the largest Sitka spruce tree in the world. There are roads that go around the rainforest, and hiking trails too.  At the end of your trip, you will arrive at Ruby Beach, where you will be stunned to see mountains, glaciers, and rainforests right from the shore. Also, the northernmost beach in Washington is here. It’s called “La Push”.  You can watch whales that are migrating from the coast. 
This park has campgrounds with more than 900 sites. Also, backcountry camping is allowed.

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

deer 1402002 - Camping Spots in the Western USA
It’s a cool spot to camp because you are sleeping in a sleeping volcano. Go to Crater Lake and swim in the U.S.’s deepest, cleanest lake in America.
To pitch your tent you can choose “Mazama”, which has electric hookups, or “Lost Creek”, which is a nice camping site. Backcountry camping is allowed also.

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