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Spring and Summer are close: Plan a camping trip!

With spring and summer comes the warm days, an economical and fun option is to go camping to the beach, near the water.

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Recommendations for setting up camp on the beach

  • Choose a beach where there is a special place to camp, not all the beaches have these.
  • Make your adventure bigger, and go to a beach that does not have a campsite, but first find out if they allow camping.
  • Find out about the weather, even if it is the spring or summer season.  The nights can be cold or rainy, and we must wear appropriate clothing to protect ourselves.
  • Enjoy the water, but don´t forget the towels, hat, glasses, and sunblock.
  • Since you won’t be on the beach under the sun all day, plan some activities to do during other times such as fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, surfing, swimming, diving, etc. There are plenty of activities that you can do on the beach.
  • Find out before going to the beach what activities are offered and prepare your budget if the activities cost.
  • Since you will be under the sun for many hours, drink plenty of fluids to hydrate.
  • Install the tent far from the high tide so that there won’t be any water issues. Check before setting up camp.Maroon Bell Tent010 300x300 - Camping on the Beach
  • Have a barbecue, but find out beforehand if it is allowed.
  • Before entering the water, it is important to find out about the marine currents and strength of the waves.

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