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Recommendations for your Camping Trip

Going camping is an experience that you have to try at least once in your life. It is quite an adventure, and even the less daring should go through this fun experience with family or friends at some point.

Keep in mind that besides adventure and being dedicated to the wonders of nature, camping has an extra advantage: the price. Except for very select campsites, they are usually much cheaper than hotels.Camping Buena Vista 62 300x300 - Camping Is THE Experience!

It’s important to take some essential things to have a better time and minimize possible problems!


Today you can take an inflatable mattress, in various sizes, and sleep almost like at home in nature. Bring an inflator (if you go by car, you can buy one that connects to the vehicle), or purchase a mattress with a built-in electric inflator.


hammock 1031363 300x300 - Camping Is THE Experience!

If you go to a place with trees and you are going to stay a few days, you can take a hammock for camping. The modern hammocks are waterproof, super light and very comfortable. There are one and two-seaters. It will provide some very relaxing moments, and it is fun for the whole family.


first aid kit 59646 e1489798560734 300x300 - Camping Is THE Experience!

When you go camping, in general, there is a higher risk of cuts or scrapes, since you are in contact with nature, running, climbing or assembling and disarming tents and accessories. It is good to have a first aid kit, and preferably one that is ready to go because they are small and have everything necessary for an emergency.


You should bring a gas heater or electric burner, lighter and matches to light fires, cookware (pot, frying pan, plates, glasses, cutlery, etc.), cutting board, a multipurpose knife that is well sharpened, bottle opener with corkscrew, kettle, cooler, and thermos. Having several containers for water is important. You should also bring a roll of paper towels, detergent, sponge, and garbage bags.

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