Camping is Good For You!

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There are a million reasons to go camping. It’s good for you on so many levels and will help you appreciate and put life into perspective. We live in a stressful world and it’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind, always feeling like you are one step behind. In order to catch up, instead of letting life beat you down, you can take a moment and concentrate on yourself, even if it is just for an hour. Turn off your phone, shut down the computer, pack a few provisions and spend some time in nature.

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Resetting your body’s biorhythms

In the wild there are no night owls or early birds, there are just owls and birds. People are always defining themselves as morning people or night people, but the truth is, our bodies are naturally inclined to follow the sun when it comes to day and night. Being outside and getting real sunlight instead of the fake un-natural light that we live in every day, will help your body’s daily rhythm. Stress will affect your sleep, and we all know the importance of a good night’s sleep. So, do yourself a favor, spend some time outdoors, improve your sleeping patterns and get more out of your day, feeling refreshed and awake.

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Getting natural sunlight will help your body reset to follow the natural rhythms of the sun.

Cooking for yourself

Being forced to cook for yourself will generally make you buy healthier foods and by default, eat healthier. When you shop for a camping trip, shop healthy and treat yourself to a home cooked meal over the open fire, surrounded by trees, under a star filled sky.

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It gets your body moving

Sitting in front of a computer behind a desk for hours and hours is not good for our bodies. We all know we’re supposed to get up every now and then and go for a 10 minute walk, but we rarely get to do that. The only walking we get is from meeting to meeting, and then it’s back to sitting in a chair for hours. Living in a tent for a few days will give your body a break from the office chair and let you stretch out and use your body for something other than typing and holding a phone. Just having to pitch a tent is a great way to move about a little and use your muscles in ways they haven’t been used in a while.

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Photo credit: Josh Franer -This Built America

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