Camping Is Fun for Kids

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What Can Children Learn While Camping?

Sleeping in a tent is one of the best ways to get all the members of your family together. It might also be a good time to share with each other. There are so many activities that keep families busy in their daily lives, that they rarely spend time together.

Children love to go camping, especially if adults offer fun games. Take note, and start preparing for the camp.

Camping is a special occasion to go hiking, prepare and cook meals together, set up a rustic kitchen or living room, roast marshmallows, make a campfire to tell stories. This bonding time is priceless!

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Activities to Have Fun and Learn

Catch or Not!

 Form a circle. One should go to the middle with a ball. As he turns, he will indicate to the rest “catch” or “do not catch”, throwing the ball. If he says “do not catch” and you do it, you go to the center!

Group Stories

One of you will begin with the introduction of the story, and the rest will be adding one sentence at a time to complete it.

Olympic Camping

Move the Olympic Games to the camp. They can do long jumps, races in an open area, or swim in the lake competing.


Bring scissors, glue and paper and a sheet pad for each child. Make drafts of nature, a “natural” art journal.  They can draw anything such as pineapples, leaves, shells, and sand.

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