Camping in the Fall Can Be Magical

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Attractions for Camping in the Fall

In the autumn season, we can find golden colors with beautiful orange and fiery red tones. That makes this season one of the most magical of the year for camping and enjoying this wonderful spectacle that nature offers.

Camping can be done at any time of the year, but autumn has its great attractions.

  • Among the great attractions of the autumn season, in addition to the colors of the landscape, the weather is enjoyable, and there are no insects. The temperature is not too cold nor too hot but an ideal temperature for outdoor sports, such as hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, mountaineering, and swimming.Fall leaves 300x300 - Camping in the Fall Can Be Magical
  • In summer, the sun and the temperature tend to rise early in the morning. But in the fall the morning air is cool, and the late dawn guarantees that the temperature will remain pleasant for much of the morning.
  • Autumn is also a season for harvesting fruit: apples, pears, figs, plums, grapes, and chestnuts, among others.  These can be consumed fresh in this season. When we go camping, along the way, we can buy fresh products at the orchards, instead of buying them at the supermarket.
  • Unlike summer, in autumn it is easier to find campsites, and not necessary to reserve in advance. Besides, there are fewer people.
  • In autumn there are also fewer mosquitoes, flies and other insects because the temperature is cool.
  • For camping in autumn, it is essential to bring a mat or an inflatable bed to put on the tent floor, protecting ourselves from the cold floor.
  • Thermal clothing, T-shirts, fleece, jacket, and waterproof garments will allow you to wear layers as needed. Then you will be prepared for all weather conditions.

Looking for a comfortable and luxurious tent?

maroon bell tent 04985181c s 300x300 - Camping in the Fall Can Be Magical

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