Camping in Costa Rica/ Part 1

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Escape to Beautiful Costa Rica!

Costa Rica is a beautiful country that offers amazing places you can visit, see and discover.  Camping in the rainy season (winter) or the dry season (summer) in Costa Rica is one of the adventure activities that many people enjoy. It is a very economical trip and there are beautiful destinations to choose from.

Below is a description of two of the best known and recommended places to go camping in Costa Rica:

Gandoca ManzanilloMom 7 - Camping in Costa Rica/ Part 1

This is a wildlife refuge in Costa Rica, ideal for a close contact with nature. The place is surrounded by forests, reefs, wetlands and beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters. It is located Southeast of the Caribbean coast. Recommendations: It offers some provisions such as park rangers, drinking water, sanitary services, and a lunch area. Activities: There is water diving in deep or shallow water, turtle nesting, dolphin watching, hiking, observation of exotic, wild species, and visiting native indigenous reserves. Rates: Camping in Gandoca Manzanillo is free.


It’s a perfect option. It has wild rainforests, beaches, and sea. Corcovado is a unique experience to camp in Costa Rica. This tourist destination is highlighted worldwide for its diversity of fauna and flora. You are in touch with nature wherever you go.  Recommendations:  Drinking water, public telephones and first aid centers for campers are available in the park.  Wear insect repellent and sunscreen, as well as comfortable shoes that can get wet. It is possible that it will rain on the way.  Activities: Observation of flora and fauna, hiking, and beaches. Fees: $4 for camping in Corcovado National Park.

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