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Preserving the Spirit of America

Since 1890, the Denver Tent Company has been making their “Colorado” line of tents right here in Denver. Since its inception, Denver Tent has striven to, whenever possible; find their materials in America in order to make the best product for their customers. In a world of quick fixes and cheap solutions, Denver Tent is proud to be a part of the American tradition of quality products that are made in America, and made to last a lifetime.

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All of our tents are hand sewn in our warehouse in Denver Colorado.
Photo credit: Josh Franer

Why you should buy American made products

Buying American made products you are actively supporting not only the manufacturers but also the workers. You are ensuring that the working conditions are safe and that no children are being exploited for cheap labor to make your products cost a little less.

Buying American means ensuring that jobs stay in this country and don’t get shipped overseas, never to return again. You are also supporting the American workers and the honest working wages that we have set up to protect our workers.

Buying American keeps the American economy growing and will contribute to bringing down our foreign debt.

Buying American is a win for the environment, and your children who get to grow up in a world that’s a little bit cleaner. Cheap foreign solutions often mean compromised environmental standards, heavy pollution and dangerous materials.

Buying American means fostering and protecting our independence.

Buying American means insisting on higher standards, expecting a better products and ensuring fair and equitable treatment and pay for workers.

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The warm and cozy interior of our Colorado Range Tent, the number one tent for working cowboys today.
Photo credit: Josh Franer


This Built America

This Built America is a project devoted to the people and companies that are re-imaging and rebuilding American manufacturing. Each week, a new company will be featured from each of our 50 states: a company that is making its product right here in America and keeping our tradition of innovation and quality that we have come to expect from American made products going. This project features the triumphs and struggles of staying on top, while preserving the integrity of your brand. It is about protecting what is great about this country, while continuing to be pioneers in their field. This is Denver Tent Company in a nut shell and we are extremely proud to be featured in this week’s episode of This Built America, representing the great state of Colorado.

slide 0024 - This Built America feat. Denver Tent Company

preserving and protecting the essence of the tent for over 125 years.
Photo credit: Josh Franer

To learn more about how Denver Tent Company has maintained its integrity and product superiority for over 125 years, designing and constructing the best canvas wall tents and sportsmen tents in the industry. We are proud of our product, not to mention the dedicated team, our family, and loyal customers that have supported and helped us create a place where people can flourish and grow and be proud of a hard day’s work on a great American product.

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