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Take Your Festival Base Camp to the Next Level

Now that Summer has kicked in, it is an excellent time to stake a tent in the forest and enjoy some quality outdoor time, but summer also means festivals of all kinds spanning from the east coast to the west coast. Music and art lovers alike flood the festival grounds with their tents and camping equipment, and the more seasoned a festival enthusiast you are, the more creative you get when you set up camp.

Canvas Wall Tents

herder tent 300x300 - Boost Your Base Camp with Colorado’s Best TentsA canvas wall tent or the Colorado Herder tent is the key to any festival base camp. If you are heading off to your favorite summer festival with a bunch of friends, there is nothing better than having a shared common living area for everyone to hang out, stretch out, and relax in between concerts and other festival activities. Some festivals last up to a whole week, so you’ll need space for all of your clothes, coolers, and supplies. You can even add your own custom specifications and add a screen door and screen windows, making your base camp/living room more open and inviting. Your festival neighbors will want to come and hang out over in your shelter before you know it, and having plenty of space means you can meet new friends. Camping doesn’t have to be cramped and dirty. Get creative and personalize your next festival base camp. A Colorado Wall Tent is perfect for boosting your base camp.

Wait no more and take your festival base camp to the next level!

The Best Festival Tents in Denver

Next time you plan a festival escapade, do not hesitate to contact Denver Tent or visit our showroom and manufacturing facility here in Denver, Colorado. We offer high-quality base camps for summer festivals, plus the best accessories to make your outdoor venture a more pleasant experience.
Concert Audience 1024x682 - Boost Your Base Camp with Colorado’s Best Tents
We have a variety of pole tents – which will make your base camp stand out in a crowd – to choose from before heading off to your next festival. Our tents are durable and made right here in Colorado by a team of skilled constructionists and custom sewers. Invest in a Denver Tent today and be festival ready for years to come.

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