Boost your Health with Style! Go Glamping!

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Travel is the only thing you buy that makes your life richer.

Enjoy starlit nights, the campfire tales, the snugly sleeping bag, but without the inconvenience of the backcountry inconveniences. Glamping gives you the best of both worlds—a back-to-nature break from everyday routine, with enough comfort, so you don’t wake up with back pain and covered in mosquito bites.
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Glamping isn’t just a fun way to enjoy the outdoors, there’s evidence that it contributes to your overall well-being. It’s food for the body, mind, and soul. Our day to day life is overflowing with social media, work demands, text messages, stressful situations, and deadlines. This has an impact on our bodies.

The relaxing energy of nature

When you go glamping, you spend most of the time outside. Focussing on things beyond yourself, and even contemplating nature’s majesty, can do wonders for your mind and soul. You take a pause; stress levels drop and your feelings and thoughts are put into place. “Food tastes better, the air smells cleaner and the birds and nature sound louder when we are relaxed! 

Move more

When you go glamping, it provides opportunities to practice all kinds of sports, like surfing, hiking, fishing, playing with the kids on the beach and simply doing what you enjoy. Exercising is without a doubt one of the best ways to battle against an overworked mind and body.
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Savor Food  

When you spend time outside, you get a lot of nutrients from the sun, but we also get the opportunity to enjoy our meal at a slower pace. Choosing our foods carefully with a glamping menu, allows you to choose foods that you can sit and enjoy with your loved ones. No rushing to get dinner done!

Resting Well

Nature provides a beautiful and peaceful setting to rest and sleep. It gives you the opportunity to un-attach from the daily routine and surround yourself with a different setting. Changes like this turn a simple nap into a rejuvenating experience. When you upgrade your camping trip to a “Glamping Trip”, you are making an investment in an even more restful night’s sleep!
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