Best Food for a Camping Trip

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Ideas for a balanced diet on a camping trip

Going camping is not just about setting up a tent and sleeping. It is also necessary to know what food we are going to need in our day to day in the outdoors to be comfortable and to be able to enjoy the experience. One of the essential things for food preparation is to bring everything needed for the meals. Although some campsites have a supermarket, most products can be brought from home, in a cooler.Camping no-bake superfood granola bars

What foods can be taken on a camping trip to maintain a balanced diet, providing necessary energy?

  • In the first place, it is essential to differentiate the products that need refrigeration from those that do not, since the refrigerators that we usually carry with ice will only hold through the first day. Therefore, it is also necessary to add products that do not depend on the temperature. In this way, you will avoid health problems due to the ingestion of inadequate food.
  • Apart from conservation, you must also take into account the weight, as well as its size, since the excessive weight will hinder transportation. Also, food that requires several cooking utensils will need carrying, so it is better to bring food that is very easy to prepare, saving space and time.
  • For the first few days, if you have a refrigerator with ice, you can add food that needs refrigeration, covering your nutritional needs. Some of these foods can be sausages, spreads or sliced cheese, fruit, boiled eggs, and dairy products. You can prolong the refrigeration if you change the ice twice a day.

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