Best Food for a Camping Trip

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Which is the best food for a long-term trip?customer photos036 300x300 - Best Food for a Camping Trip

Camping and long-term excursions require foods that need very little care.  Safety with food is essential to avoid possible infections, which could pose a serious health problem if the chosen place is not accessible and far from a medical center.

When you go to campgrounds, either in a tent, caravan or motorhome, you have almost the same comforts and equipment as those of any domestic kitchen: drinking water supply, refrigeration, kitchen or nearby grocery stores for catering. Everything is a little bit more complicated if you opt for camping less conventionally, a free camp or a mountain expedition of several days with an overnight in tents or shelters.

In the case of a day trip, it is effortless to solve two or three meals since, among other issues, it is possible to keep the food either hot or cold and avoid intermediate temperatures. But if the departure lasts more than a day, the most suitable type of food, its cooking method and the necessary tools to guarantee its safety, must be planned in detail and in advance.

Chosen foods are usually based on conservation needs, especially temperature. Also, we must choose foods that meet the nutritional requirements of hikers and provide the necessary energy for the development of their activities.No bake superfood chewy granola bars packed full of seeds nuts dried fruit and dark chocolate 300x300 - Best Food for a Camping Trip

The best option is to opt for the following foods:

  • Canned preserves (legumes, vegetables, fish in oil, and even canned meats) are long-lasting and do not need refrigeration. On the contrary, they have a high weight. Once opened they must be consumed since they can not be refrigerated.
  • Rice and dry pasta: in addition to combining with almost all foods (vegetables, meats or canned fish), they are very satisfying and energetic.
  • Soups and other dehydrated foods such as milk powder, the latter essential to replace traditional milk.
  • Nuts and chocolate: they are foods that provide much energy. They should be kept in airtight bags, and impermeable containers, that will have to stay closed when they are not in use.

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