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Care for your car parked outdoors? We have custom covers in any shape and size

Our easy-to-use custom covers can be made in any size with many fabrics and colors to choose from. If you can define it, we can usually make it! We can make the following covers for you: trailer and pallet covers, equipment covers, agricultural covers, food carts and wagons, swamp cooler and turbine covers. These are just a few types of the many covers we have made.

1480 1024x576 - Best Custom Canvas Car CoverWhat about custom car covers?

There are so many factors to consider when thinking about buying a car cover, most of which depend on what weather you live in and where your car is usually parked. It doesn’t matter where you are located; climate conditions are always important. Will your car receive a lot of direct sunlight or will it be exposed to snow or rain?

What factors to consider when buying a car cover for winter

Think about fabric: Seek fabric that can resist moisture, yet allows the cover to breathe. This will help trapped moisture and condensation to evaporate.

cars and trucks  7 300x300 - Best Custom Canvas Car CoverGet a custom fit: A custom-made car cover which is crafted specifically for your car will give you a secure, tight fit that will not flap around in windy weather.

Learn about installation: You need to make sure the car is dry and clean before installing the cover. Also, if ice or snow or freezes on the cover, you need to let melt before removing it. Don’t try to remove a frozen cover from your car without thawing, as it will tear.

At Denver Tent Company, we care about you and your assets. We can help you protect your car with some simple steps. Contact us and let us know what kind of cover you need and we will help you get it.

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