Best Canvas Wall Tent Manufacturing Techniques

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What is a canvas wall?

Canvas wall tents are made of heavy canvas that is suitable for any time of the year. Canvas wall tents can accommodate many people and even a wood stove. They are usually the favorite tent for hunters and trendy among outdoorsmen and women

Why buy a wall tent?

1. Sizelodge tent 58 300x200 - Best Canvas Wall Tent Manufacturing Techniques

In a wall tent, you have vertical space, which is very convenient. You can change clothes easily and move around. You can also put a wood-burning stove inside the wall tent to keep warm. Wall tents have many windows you can open or close for ventilation.

2. Protection

The thick walls of a canvas wall tent will protect you from hail, rain, or snow.

3. Versatility

You can use a canvas wall tent for any event, such as a booth at a fair, or even a yard storage area.

4. Strengthco wall open window 200x300 - Best Canvas Wall Tent Manufacturing Techniques

Canvas wall tents are more durable than dome tents. The fabric and poles are made of sturdy material.

How are canvas wall tents made?

Since 1890, Denver Tent has been at the forefront of manufacturing top quality tents, high-end custom fabrics, and outdoor products.

What sets our manufacturing apart?

There can be many tents in the market, but only our tents provide a solid and reliable high quality guarantee. Nothing compares to our manufacturing techniques and knowledge.

* Cut & Sew

With a combination of unmatched experience and state of the art equipment, the team at Denver Tent can provide several cuts and sew options, including contract cutting and prototypes. Denver Tent is open to working with large or small quantity batch orders, so regardless of your budget, our experienced sales staff can help you find the perfect product.

* Prototyping

At Denver Tent, we understand the importance of prototyping and the benefits it can have on the final product. That’s why our well-trained team can help you through every stage of the prototyping process. Our team can take your blueprints and create a physical, working prototype. When drawings and schematics won’t do, having a prototype will give you the upper hand when displaying your future product to investors. That, among many other reasons, is why the team at Denver tent takes prototyping as seriously as we do.

* Small Batch Ordersdsc 0456 2 300x200 - Best Canvas Wall Tent Manufacturing Techniques

With our Sigma Six Approach to manufacturing, Denver Tent can produce small runs of high-quality products at a reasonable price. The team at Denver Tent understands the importance of small-batch orders and is willing to work with you to find the right product. Doing small batch orders allows you to move the product quickly, as opposed to buying a large quantity and having it collect dust. That can give you an advantage as the seasons change, and customers demand different products.

* Made in the USA

We proudly manufacture all Denver Tent products in the United States.

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