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Three awesome lakes to go glamping

In the United States there are a lot of lakes, and in many of them, we can swim, sail, fish and do other activities. There are 123,439 lakes without taking into account the Great Lakes. Enjoy your trip to the lakes in a comfortable, high-quality tent from Denver Tent.

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Lake Tahoe

This lake is located in the city of Tahoe, California, and is the largest alpine lake in North America. It is a sea of fresh and blue water surrounded by mountains and snowy peaks. The city of Tahoe is a good starting point to go to the beaches around the lake. In the city, there is a beach with restaurants, shops, and a lot of commercial activity. The north beach is only developed a little, so it is much quieter than the south beach.

On the south beach, we find forests with a pleasant pine smell. We can do many activities such as riding jet skis, walking around the lake or see the beautiful baskets of the Washoe tribe.

Saranac Lakes

They are located in the village of Lake Saranac, in New York. There we can see 186 historic buildings, cataloged in the National Register of Historic Places, and many Queen Anne style houses, many of them function as hotels.

In the town of Lake Saranac, we breathe an air of tranquility and peace, that brings good mental and physical relaxation.

Chelan Lake

It is located in Chelan, Washington. Wine tasting, parasailing, a game of golf or swimming in warm water, glamping in a 12x14 Denver Tent 0002 300x300 - Visit Beautiful Lakes in the USAcharacterize the city of Chelan, which is located at the southern end of the lake and offers a lot of summer activities. There is a cruise that takes four hours, allowing you to enter the wild and rugged heart of the Cascade Mountains.

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