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Don’t forget specific tools on your camping trip!

When we plan a camping trip, in addition to clothing, food, tent, and beverages, it is crucial to think about the tools we might need. These will help to solve many things at the campsite, such as fix a chair, cut wood for the campfire, level the ground where we are going to set the tent, and many other things.

Here is a list with the description of necessary tools needed on a camping tripold man 300x146 - Basic Tools For Camping

All these fit in a backpack

1) Camping Knife: They have many uses, cutting a rope, cutting pieces of wood, and even defending ourselves from some dangers. Like every other tool, take several precautions: keep it dry and clean, be careful with the edge, since it will likely be transported in the pants pocket.

2) Ax: It´s used mainly to chop wood; it is a heavy tool with a steel blade attached to a wood handle. Keep it dry and stored in its cover, sharpening it every time it is going to be used for better performance.

3) Camping Shovel: This is also called a tactical shovel, it serves to dig holes, make gutters to run the guide, and many more uses.  This type of shovel is practically indestructible. Keep it clean and dry enough to not 300x300 - Basic Tools For Camping

4) Flint: It is important since it serves to make fire, especially if we are camping in remote places. Keep it dry and take care not to lose it. It is very small, easy to use and it fits in your pocket.

5) Camping Lantern: It is very important to have light at night, it is effortless to manipulate, and comes in several types and sizes.

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