Basic Equipment for using our Sioux Tipi

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In our modern world, humans have become too accustomed to our commodities. Our TVs and cars have us constantly stuck to a car staring at the road or the screen like modern zombies. There is though a cure for these, and other maladies and the best part is that it’s all around us. Even if you live in a big city, you should be able to escape to it. Our forefathers conquered it and so can you. It is the great wilderness that we’re talking about and one night out camping should be as good a cure as any pharmaceutical medicine. The Colorado Cheyenne or Sioux Tipi that we have in stock should be your ideal tent for your next camping trip. Although there are several pieces of vital equipment you’ll also need to ensure a proper camp site.
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The Basics

Our customized camping tents include the necessary items to set your tent up, but camping is not just the tent. You will also need other items to enjoy the experience to the fullest. Sure you can also further customize your tent but your surroundings also need to be prepped up. Basic furniture such as folding chairs and windbreak will provide comfort and privacy to your camping site. Many camping sites offer BBQ or will allow campfires for cooking purposes but a small gas stove is a viable option. As a minimum, you will need a pot and a pan, cutlery, cooking utensils and some tableware. Many of these products have been redesigned for camping purposes. We will start taking a closer look to these basic needs in future blogs in order to increase our patrons camping knowledge.

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