Basic Equipment for Mountain Biking

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Mountain Bike Equipment

Mountain biking is an excellent exercise to tone muscles and burn calories. Since it is practiced in places outside traditional roads, you can enjoy nature and landscapes, especially in the summer season.

When you go to acquire mountain bike equipment, mainly the bicycle, take into account your height and physical condition, in addition to the places where you are going to use it, as well as the climatic conditions.

Of course, you should also think about your level and the frequency with which you are going to use it since prices can vary significantly between the simplest and the most professional.

Essential equipment for mountain biking is:

1) Bicycle: if it is the first time that you are going to buy a bicycle, it is better to seek advice from a professional. There are several types:

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  1. Rigid ones: they can come without suspension or with suspension in the front fork
  2.  Double suspension: comes with suspension in the front fork and rear suspension frame, there are different modes according to use, for downhill, all mountain, enduro, etc.
  3.  Dist jump: that is light and small that are used to make jumps and acrobatics
  4.  Electric ones: of recent appearance, they have an autonomy of 20 to 55 miles

2) Bib shorts:  cycling pants with protection in the crotch, to protect from the seat, made of lycra fabric.

3) Helmet: essential accessory, to avoid trauma caused by a blow to the head, after a fall, should be made of a resistant material with grooves and adjusted to the skull.

4) Glasses: protect from the sun in addition to impacts of stones, and dust.

5) Water and food: we must bring water or hydrating drinks, energy barswall tent assembly 300x300 - Basic Equipment for Mountain Biking

Unforeseen kit: take a repair kit for repairing a puncture, containing patches, and a multitool.

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