Basic Equipment for Climbing

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Go Climbing Safely

When we go climbing for the first time or we are newbies, there is necessary equipment to be carried.

Basic Equipment for Climbing

1) Magnesium: This is basic for the climber. This is a white powder that keeps hands dry from sweat and moisture.

2) Rope: The rope is essential, and it is what keeps the climber safe when ascending. For a beginner, the rope must be 0.4 inches thick, because rookies or beginners generally climb using more rope quickly, so it has to be thick.12 300x300 - Basic Equipment for Climbing

3) Climbing shoes: The climbing shoes are sometimes called cat’s foot. The use of climbing shoes facilitates the ascent, offers precision, and adherence when occupying the feet.

Each shoe manufacturer designs its shoes independently, so it is essential to take time and try several kinds. The shoes must be comfortable and tight, but without disturbing the foot.

4) Harness:  There are a lot of options and prices, there are light and robust, for men and women, with adjustable or fixed legs. The ones that are most common for sports climbing are those with fixed legs. Buy them if they are comfortable and in your size. There should be 5.9 inches left at the waist once adjusted.

5) ATC and carabiner, with insurance: When securing the rope with an ATC, always hold the rope with the brake hand in any circumstance.

6) Helmet: It is essential because it protects our head, from falling rocks, carabiners, and also protects the head if we have a fall.

7) Express tapes: 12 to 14 tapes are needed.denver tent 20 300x300 - Basic Equipment for Climbing

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