Basic Equipment for Winter Camping

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What do you need to carry in a winter camp?

Here we give you the best tips to make your adventure more comfortable and secure during the winter season.

Making a camp is an unforgettable experience, not only in summer but also in winter. Camping in winter requires you to carry different things and equipment than in summer.

Things Needed

1) The tent: with a shelter, we protect ourselves from cold and bad weather, even from snow and rain.

The important thing is to buy a tent that supports and is resistant to terrible weather; this way, we can use it all year long. Denver Tent Company has tents that have been field-tested under diverse conditions and outperformed our wildest expectations.

2) Sleeping bag: this is very important in winter camping, these should be thick and special for wintertime to keep sleeping bag 59653 300x300 - Basic Equipment for Winter Campingthe body temperature while asleep. It has to be thermal. These are usually compact, resistant, and retain heat. Avoid carrying camping beds, since the air between the bed and the floor is generally colder. You can use floor mats under the sleeping bag to serve as an insulator.

3) Thermo: bring a bottle to keep drinks hot, you can bring hot chocolate, coffee, or some tea. If there is no drinking water available, bring jugs for water and pills to purify the water, or carry in drinking water.

4) Food: you have to bring enough food, not perishable, and easy to make. Corn flakes, pasta, and soups are ideal. Cookies and nuts are perfect because they give energy.

5) Kitchen utensils: carry a portable stove, matches, lighter, and enough fuel. Also, pans, pots, glasses, plates, forks, knives, and spoons.

6) Shovel: this can help to dig or remove the snow near the camp.

7) Lamp of some kind

9) Thermal clothing: suitable for winter conditions.

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