Barbecue Time in the Outdoors!

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Having a barbecue outdoors

Grilling outdoors at a campsite, in summer is ideal, and you do not need to be an expert to do it.outdoors  5 300x300 - Barbecue Time in the Outdoors!

Advice for buying meat

It begins with what you are going to cook in the barbecue. We must calculate the number of people who are going to eat, and the amount of meat or other foods you want, so that you don’t buy too much. An example of quantity to buy, 150 grams for the sausage, and the main course 200 grams for lean meats, adding vegetables, onions, sweet pepper, corn on the cob, etc.

To buy meat, there are specific criteria. One crucial fact to consider is the more fat; the juicier meat will be.barbecue 541744 300x200 - Barbecue Time in the Outdoors!

There are many cuts of meat that can be used. Some more used in the US:  brisket, pulled pork, Boston butt, pork ribs, and beef are very common as well. As accompaniments, there is sausage, blood sausage, and bacon. These are the more traditional side dishes with the main course.

Cleaning and lighting the grill

  • Before lighting the fire, make sure that the barbecue is clean, primarily if it has not been used for several months. The idea is to do it after finishing, when the barbecue is hot, get plenty of salt and rub it with newspaper.
  • If this was not done, then heat the grill for ten minutes, and the cleaning is carried out the same.
  • Making a good fire is not complicated, but it takes time, so it is recommended that we light the embers around an hour or an hour and a half before lunch.

Ready to startbarbecue 1078620 300x300 - Barbecue Time in the Outdoors!

  • When the embers are ready, a good option is to use charcoal; it is faster and more efficient fuel.
  • The other option is firewood, but this must be very dry and clean, but it takes more time to make embers.

Start the barbecue when the coals are whitish, without flame and the grill is very hot.

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Unknown 300x300 - Barbecue Time in the Outdoors!

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