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Healthy Camping Menu:

Recommendations to keep healthy eating habits during camping.

Going camping, is for many, an excellent alternative to do during the holidays. The idea of resting in the open air and in contact with nature is the perfect panorama.women  - Balanced Menu for Camping

Without a doubt, one of the things that can complicate the panorama is the issue of food, especially when we want our eating habits to remain healthy. But do not worry, this will only depend on good planning.

It is important to prepare a daily menu that incorporates ingredients that do not risk decomposing due to lack of refrigeration.

Sample Menu:barbecue 459158 - Balanced Menu for Camping

Breakfast: You can have tea, coffee and/or milk powder accompanied by bread with jam or cereals.

Mid-morning: A box of light chocolate milk, nuts or seasonal fresh fruits, are an excellent alternative for snacks before lunch.

Lunch: You can eat a mixture of a hard-boiled egg, olives, and avocado. You can also bring lettuce, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, and fruits for dessert. Juices are a good alternative as long as they are low in sugar.

Dinner: You can eat a tomato with tuna, dehydrated soups and fruits.

Things You Cannot Miss!

1. Water bottle: You should drink water in short sips during the trip. In this way, the liquid will be absorbed and make hydration more efficient.

2. Fruits: Fruits contain vitamins and minerals essential for metabolism, help hydrate your body and give you energy quickly.

3. Energy bars: These foods are ideal to go backpacking because they occupy little space, weigh little, and play an important nutritional role.No bake superfood chewy granola bars packed full of seeds nuts dried fruit and dark chocolate - Balanced Menu for Camping

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