Is Your Backpack Ready to Go Trekking?

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Tips to prepare your backpack for a trekking and camping trip

For the practice of trekking in autumn, equipment and clothing are very important.

The autumn season is transitional so that the weather could change at any time. Be prepared when you go on a trip!

Part of the trekking equipment is carried in the backpack, so this accessory is essential.

  • The backpack must be chosen based on our size and weight and the number of days that the excursion will last.
  • If the excursion is one day, it is recommended that the backpack be 10 to 20 liters capacity.
  • If the walk is more than one day, the recommendation is a backpack of 40 liters capacity. That will allow us to carry a more significant amount of equipment and clothes.
  • The material of the backpack should be light but resistant.backpack 923255 300x300 - Is Your Backpack Ready to Go Trekking?
  • Another essential feature that the backpack should have for the autumn season is that it must be waterproof.
  • You have to choose one that has several compartments, to have easy access to what is transported.
  • Ideally, you should have a separate camelback for easy access to the canteen.
  • Check that the backpack also has adjustable straps, belt and chest closure, cargo rappel, carrier, and octopus straps to hang items outside.
  • The equipment and clothing must be well distributed in the backpack. You should have easy access to the clothes needed, in case the weather changes dramatically, or it rains. Then you can take out a waterproof jacket.
  • Make a list of the things needed before leaving, so as not to transport unnecessary items.denver tent company 88 300x200 - Is Your Backpack Ready to Go Trekking?

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