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Campfire Cooking

There is nothing better than finding a back country secluded spot, pitching your tent from Denver Tent Company, and setting up your campfire for a home cooked, campfire meal. The time spent around the campfire eating, laughing, singing and telling stories quite often become the moments you remember the most from your camping adventures. Cooking your own food, with just the bare essentials, is so rewarding it will make each meal taste better than any meal cooked in a fully stocked kitchen or a restaurant.

No cookware needed for this campfire stewCampire embers - Back Country Camping and Cooking

The best meals are the ones that don’t require any cookware at all. This will bring you back to basics and kick in our internal survivor, and a successful meal made with just a fire and a little tinfoil, is a proud moment for any camper.

The first step is to find dry kindling and fire wood; otherwise all you’ll get is smoke. Lay the kindling flat over paper and other starter materials, once you’ve got the fire going, start adding evenly sized logs to the fire.

chopped veggies - Back Country Camping and CookingWhile you are waiting, begin cutting up your meats and vegetables (potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, peppers, onions, etc.) that you will be using for your stew. Make sure everything is cut into even sizes, so that they will cook at the same time.

Using tinfoil, make a “pocket”, leaving it open at the top. Make sure this pocket is sturdy. You can reinforce your tinfoil pocket by using a double layer. It doesn’t have to look pretty, but it does have to be leak proof and you have to be able to fill it with all the fixings of your stew.

hobo stew - Back Country Camping and CookingBy now your wood should have burned down leaving a nice hot coal like surface to cook your stew. Place a few slices of lemon at the bottom of each bowl before filling it with your stew mixture. This will prevent the food from burning. Add spices, salt and pepper to taste, and either a little water or some beer and close up the top of the tinfoil pocket before you place them directly onto the hot coals.

Pop open a beer and sit down and enjoy the sunset and the scenery while your meats and veggies are slow roasting in their own juices. It will take between 20 and 40 minutes, depending of how big or small you cut your veggies.

Who needs a kitchen when you have an open fire and some tinfoil?

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OYOA September 2009 Hunt - Back Country Camping and Cooking

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If you love remote back-country camping, Denver Tent Company is sure to have a tent for you. We have over a century of tent construction experience and we are constantly improving our design to keep up with the ever changing camping scene. We know that every camper is different, so if we don’t have exactly what you are looking for in our inventory, then talk to us about custom making one of our tents to meet your camping needs. Once the campfire dies down, you’ll be glad you have a Denver Tent to keep you and your family snug and safe, no matter what type of weather the night may bring. Call us today, and see how we can help enhance your future outdoor adventures.

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