Awnings for Windows and Doors

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Protect windows and doors with an awning

There are many advantages offered by awnings for the windows and doors of our house or business.

The awnings protect from the sun in the summer and rain and snow in the winter.

It also protects the wooden doors and the window frames in most weather.

Denver Tent has many different alternatives for this type of awning, which are custom made to fit the door or window. Since 1890, Denver Tent has been at the forefront of manufacturing top quality tents, high-end custom fabrics, and outdoor products.

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We offer lower domestic shipping costs and quicker turnaround times thanks to our fewer boots on the ground approach. All of our employees speak fluent English, so there are no cultural or language barriers when it comes to communication on your project. You can also feel free to visit our manufacturer at any time, making it easier to see how your product is made.

Advantages of awnings

  • The awning over windows causes the temperature in the rooms to drop since it offers protection from the sun. Since there is a reduction in the temperature inside the house, due to solar radiation, there is a reduction in the electric bill by using less air conditioning.
  • Another advantage is that the furniture inside the home is also protected by less sunlight.
  • The exterior awnings over windows and doors, significantly improve the aesthetics of the house, making it look much better in addition to protection.
  • In the winter, the awnings also protect doors and windows from the impact produced by rainwater. Even when it is raining, you can keep the windows a little open, thus maintaining the internal temperature of the house.


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