Awnings and other Equipment for Winter Camping

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Covering the tent with an awning is the best advice for winter camping

Camping in winter is a beautiful experience, but it requires planning because it can be an unpleasant and dangerous experience. With the proper equipment and a bit of skill, camping in winter alone or with family can be fun. In addition to the sleeping bag, the most important thing is the tent. Denver Tent offers the highest-quality tents that are special for winter and extreme weather conditions. Denver Tent offers long-lasting and time tested products.

Necessary equipment for camping in winterlongs peak tent package 30 300x200 - Awnings and other Equipment for Winter Camping

  1. It is essential to choose the right place sheltered from cold air currents.
  2. Invest in an awning to stop snowfall and rain. Long periods of rain and snow can lead to leaks in the tent. When this happens, it is advisable to shake the roof to avoid accumulation. The best thing to use is a rain/snow-resistant awning placed over the tent, which will help tremendously.
  3. To stay away from the cold at bedtime, you must have a winter sleeping bag. The sleeping bag should not be in contact with the ground; therefore, place them on top of winter insulating mats.
  4. Bring thermal sheets; polyester material sheets are the recommendation; they are breathable, antibacterial, cold insulated, as well as comfortable and light to carry.
  5. Clothing: winter jacket, hat, gloves, sweater, socks, t-shirt, pants, socks, things made from sheep wool material.
  6. In addition to this, you should wear shoes or special boots for winter and cold.

Choose a tent with an awning! Choose Denver Tent Companypikes peak tent package 61 300x200 - Awnings and other Equipment for Winter Camping

Over a century of tent and awning construction experience!

Colorado Wall Tent with 10.10 oz Army Duck Canvas FR (Flame Retardant) Fabric. This tent has two rectangular screened windows with canvas zippered flaps, one rear triangular window with a zippered canvas flap, a 3-way zippered canvas door with weather flap, and a 3-way zippered screen door.
– Internal Steel Frame
– 13 oz Tan Vinyl Rain Fly with 5′ extension
– Rope, Fasteners, Stakes
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