Awnings for Camping in the Summer

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Awnings: good protectors from the sun!

Awnings for camping in the summer become a necessity to protect us from the impact of the sun rays during the day.

The first thing we have to find out is if the place where we are going to set our camp allows us to put up an awning because there are places that have restrictions for this type of structure.

The main advantage is that it prevents heating the interior of the tent. In some regions of the country, it is not uncommon for temperatures to exceed 85º in summer so any extra protection against heat will be appreciated.wall tent product decoration 300x300 - Awnings for Camping in the Summer

The awnings help create a shaded area, and when there is a breeze, even if it is small, it feels more open to the environment. When the sun rays are strongest at noon, the protection provided by the awning is excellent, especially at lunchtime. Also, in this shadow space, besides eating, we can read, do other activities such as board games, even rest in a comfortable chair without being directly affected by the sun.

Awning parasol

The awnings parasol stand out for their dimensions and resemble a tent whose sides do not touch the ground. It is a great option to arrange tables and chairs as an outdoor dining room. The sun will not be a problem with them.

Awning attached to a vehicle

Another one that is frequently used, is that which is attached from the side of the vehicle. They stand out for their versatility and can create an ample shadow space without great efforts. Only one point is necessary to secure the canvas that guarantees tension.


Finally, tents, especially small ones, are good solutions in any camping that allows them. They offer great privacy, space, and resistance to the elements, but they need to be assembled for their use.

Frame Tents at Denver Tent Companylongs peak tent package 33 300x200 - Awnings for Camping in the Summer

A frame tent is a free-standing framework of aluminum or steel pipe that supports a vinyl roof without the use of interior poles. This self-supporting structure features graceful peaks and curves, which require an anchoring system of stakes or weights to secure it in place.
The frame tent is great for gatherings limited by confined spaces like a backyard, over a patio, or in a parking lot. Ask about our products.

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