Autumn Camping in the Rocky Mountains

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Why should you camp in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado?

One of the most spectacular places to camp in the fall is the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

It is an impressive place to travel on foot, on horseback, by bicycle or car, and even more impressive to establish a campsite and be in direct contact with nature.

Many places offer facilities for camping in the Rocky Mountains and enjoying the colors that flora provides us in the autumn season.

The Rocky Mountain Range extends for more than 2,500 miles from Mexico to Alaska; it is the backbone of North America.

In the state of Colorado, it reaches its maximum fullness due to the number of peaks, and its height, creating a unique landscape of forests and tundra. This beauty multiplies in autumn by the colors of the leaves.rocky mountains 1082208 300x300 - Autumn Camping in the Rocky Mountains

Weather in Colorado

The weather in Colorado is famous for its drastic changes. You can be in radiant sun one moment and a torrential downpour the next. So if you go camping, you should take a radio and be aware of weather reports and prepare for sudden changes.


The camping equipment must be unique for cold and rain, using a waterproof tent, sleeping bags for winter, and suitable clothes. Put up a canopy for protection from eventual rain and have a place to prepare food and eat.

It is essential to bring a camera and binoculars to observe this beautiful spectacle that nature offers.

Best place to camp in the Rocky Mountains

The best place to camp is the Rocky Mountain, National Park. denver tent company 117 300x200 - Autumn Camping in the Rocky Mountains

It is a perfect place to travel for several days to enjoy the spectacular scenery with rivers, lakes, waterfalls, high mountain meadows and lots of wildlife.  In Fall, we can observe the yellow and copper brown colors, which are offered by the Alamo forests and other tree species.

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