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Awesome facts about the Rocky Mountains for campers

Few things are as impressive as going through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, walking the paths, riding a horse, driving a car or hiking, and seeing the lakes, rivers, and forests. The best way to be immersed in the amazing Rocky Mountains is to go camping.

This mountain range begins in Mexico and extends to Alaska, for more than 2,485 miles.  It is the geographic spine of North America. In Colorado, it reaches the maximum amount of peaks and heights creating a unique landscape of tundras and forests.Geese in Colorado 300x300 - Amazing Rocky Mountains

The state of Colorado is located in the central west of the United States and is divided into several areas with different characteristics. The large plains where areas are dedicated to agriculture, up to the dorsal of the Rockies where it marks the destination to the east or the west of the great Colorado River, the Arkansas River, and the Rio Grande. There are 54 peaks that reach altitudes greater than 13,124 feet in the so-called Continental Division.

To the west is the Colorado Plateau, entrance to the desert with its magnificent rock canyons and hidden valleys.

There are few places in North America that you can observe with such ease the natural wealth of wildlife. Having a camera with a good telephoto lens to capture all the wonders that this place offers, is a must.

The State Forest State Park is home to the big moose, and it is a place that you can not miss.Elk Rocky Mountain National Park 300x300 - Amazing Rocky Mountains

The climate can be very extreme, changing quickly from a sunny day to rain with strong winds or an electrical storm. But in spite of everything, there are 300 days of sun with the rest of the time bringing snow.

To get to know all that the Rockies offer, you have to go camping for several days to the Rocky Mountain National Park.

Beaver Meadows has camping areas, where you can find facilities, build your camp, take a walk, and observe lakes, rivers, and forests.

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