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Essential equipment for hiking in the snow

One of the best and healthiest activities you can do in the winter is hiking in the mountains.

When winter hiking in the mountains, you must take into account that the snow covers the trails, rocks, and the prairies. You must be aware that the winter paths entail some risks and difficulties. Walking on the snow has some risks. You can slip on ice slopes where there are extremely low temperatures, causing bigstock Hiking In Khumbu Walley In Him 45978643 e1402082744119 300x300 - Adventurer? Try Hiking in Winterhypothermia. It is difficult to control all the factors, and an unforeseen event can put you in difficulties. Winter hiking, on snow, can become a rewarding activity. Although if the snow is deep, snowshoes are required to walk. Another critical piece of the equipment is an ice ax or crampons.

Equipment necessary for winter hiking

1) Hiking boots: They must be waterproof and comfortable.bigstock Hiking boots with compass on t 35766023 e1402693692106 300x300 - Adventurer? Try Hiking in Winter

2) Clothing for snow or extreme cold: You must wear several layers of clothing; this is called the “3-layer principle.” It allows you to take off or put on clothes, depending on the weather. Also, between the layers of clothes, hot airbags are created. The first layer is the t-shirt and thermal pants, the second is the polar fleece layer and the pullovers, and the third or last layer are the two garments in contact with the outside, the jacket, and the pants.

3) Gloves and hat: You must protect your hands and head, which are susceptible, from the cold.

4) Sunglasses: To protect from the sun and the reflection of the snow.

5) Survival kit: Do not forget a thermal blanket due to any unforeseen events.

6) First aid kit: The basics, bandages, iodine for a wound, anti-inflammatory medications.

Add more fun to your adventure: Go camping in the mountainscustomer photos036 300x300 - Adventurer? Try Hiking in Winter

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