A Shepherd, His Flock and His Colorado Range Tent

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The modern day shepherd

Tending sheep is one of the oldest professions in the world, dating back way before we had ever heard of cowboys. Yet cowboys get all the action and the glory, in song and in movies, and shepherds are largely overlooked. They are the quiet, unsung heroes of the ranching community. When we read or hear about shepherds, it is often a metaphor for a caregiver tending to his people: A leader and a father figure. But what of the actual shepherds, the ones who travel for miles and miles everyday, tending to a large flock of sheep? We forget that they are out there, often all alone with their flock, and maybe a few dogs to help them along the way. The life of a shepherd is a lonely and rugged life.
Denver Tent Company has been providing modern day sheep herders with tents they can trust, so that they can focus all their attention of tending to their sheep.

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Rough Terrain

Shepherds spend most of their time far away from civilization. Sheep are able to graze on rough pasture unsuitable for cattle. This brings the shepherd and his flock to rough mountainous terrain and requires advanced hiking and survival skills. And if the environment isn’t dangerous enough, the shepherd has to ward of natural predators to protect both himself and his sheep. Mountain lions, black bears and coyotes are a constants threat. It is no easy task to tend to a large flock of sheep.

custom tents - A Shepherd, His Flock and His Colorado Range Tent

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One less thing to worry about

Like the modern day cowboy, Denver Tent Company provides durable, weather resistant, light weight and easy to set up tents for the modern day sheep herder across California and New Mexico. And like the cowboy, the preferred tent of a shepherd is our Colorado Range Tent. Made for rough terrain and able to stand up to high winds, this is the perfect tent to protect our shepherds in the grueling, challenging task of taking care of a flock of sheep when they are out of the open range or the tops of mountains. The environment fit for a sheep will leave the shepherd exposed to all the elements, and the Range Tent provides comfortable, safe shelter when it is time to turn in for the night. There is plenty to worry about in the day to day of a sheep herder, his shelter should not be one of those things.

If your job requires you to spend days on end in the great outdoors, be it tending sheep, cattle or other equally important activities, give us a call and see how we can make your life on the range just a little bit simpler.

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