A Quality Pool Cover Can Save You Time and Money

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Quality safety pool covers to fit any in-ground pool

No matter what the shape and size of your pool, Denver Tent Company can custom make an attractive pool cover that will ultimately save you time and money. Spring cleaning has come and gone, summer is here, school is out and this is the time for quality-sun-and-fun-filled-pool-time with your friends and family, not hot-grueling-physical-labor-time cleaning, heating and re-filling your pool.

Save time; cover your pool

Covering your pool is not just a way to keep debris, leaves and other things blowing in the wind out of our pool. A quality pool cover specifically designed for your pool will cut back on the time you spend vacuuming and cleaning your pool, and give you more time playing in the pool. Vacuuming your pool will always be a necessity, and unfortunately we can’t all afford a pool-boy, so keeping your pool covered, especially at night, means you have to spend less time with the vacuum, and more time relaxing by the pool.

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Save money; cover your pool

When not in use, preserve the heat in your pool by covering it up. Ever gotten up in the morning hoping to jump in the pool for a nice morning swim, only to jump right back out shivering from the cold water? Covering your pool is one way to preserve the heat acquired by the daytime sunlight, or save you money by cutting down on your heating bill.

Minimize the use of pool chemicals; cover your pool

Keeping your pool clean and destroying germs means pool chemicals are unfortunately a necessity. But you can minimize the amount of chemicals needed if you protect and cover your pool when it is not in use. This will not only save you money on chemicals, but protect you and your pool buddies from unwanted irritation, allergy attacks.

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Denver Tent Company Pool Covers

CO Made - A Quality Pool Cover Can Save You Time and MoneyDenver Tent offers custom manufacturing services and provides you with innovative and creative solutions to suit your business or home. We specialize in bags, covers, tarps, curtains, wind screen and of course pool covers. With highly skilled sewers who each average 25 years plus of sewing experience and plenty of production space, Denver Tent has the capability and know-how to meet your specific requirement. Call us today for a quote on your next Denver Tent Co. custom made high-quality fabric items.

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