A Pop Up Tent Makes for a Much Cooler Garage Sale

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Everyone loves a good yard sale

Garage sales are widely popular in the summer months all across the country. It’s a great way to get rid of all those things you’ve been hoarding for years, and make a little pocket money in the process. It’s also a fun way to bring together neighbors and others from the neighborhood and get to know each other a little better, especially if you get them to hold a yard sale as well. Hopefully your next garage or yard sale will be a blue sky, sun filled day, so when you are haggling with your next customer, don’t forget to provide a little shade for you and the rest of the family. Denver Tent Company has high quality pop up tents for just this type of occasion.

Marin Country Mart Farmers Market 2 - A Pop Up Tent Makes for a Much Cooler Garage Sale

The Marin County Farmers Market also made good use of our custom pop up tents.

Organizing your yard sale

You need to be strong when getting your yard sale together. You’ll be opening up a lot of boxes that you haven’t opened in years, and tons of memories will come flooding out. But be tough and remember that you are doing this to get rid of clutter, not to spend an afternoon going down memory lane. You can do that, too, but the roller-blades and the winter jacket you never use need to get out of the box and onto the sales table. Once you’ve sorted all your stuff into categories, it’s time to put on price-tags. This will make the sale a lot easier when you are haggling with your customers. And they will try to haggle, so it’s always good to know beforehand what you wish to get for each item.

Stay cool and hydrated

10x103 - A Pop Up Tent Makes for a Much Cooler Garage Sale

Denver Tent Pop Up Canopy

A garage sale, if successful, can last all day long and you’ll want to make sure that you drink lots of water and stay cool. Make sure you set up some sort of awning or pop up tent that you can sit under while the shoppers are shopping. And remember sunscreen.

Denver Tent Company Event Tents

Your garage sale may be filled with regrettable or impulsive purchases that you now regret, but investing in a high quality pop up tent from Denver Tent Company is worth every cent. This is not the type of pop up that only last for one outing. Our pop up tents are built to last, and we make them right here in Colorado, giving you the option to pick and choose your fabrics. Keep yourself and your family cool at your next garage sale and many more outings to come.

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