5 Best Hunting Places in the U.S.

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Hunting season is a great time to see new places, but choosing the very best one can be hard. Here is a list of the five best hunting states in the U.S.

5. Kansas

From 2005-2010, Kansas ranked eighth in Boone & Crockett entries and, statistically-speaking, Kansas offers the third best chance of any state to kill a buck.
There is only one inconvenience. The monster bucks are there; the problem is getting to them. Only 420,000 acres, or 0.8% of its total area, are open to public hunting. The state’s lottery system provides good odds for being drawn for deer tags, but the cost of a guided and/or private land hunt can be very expensive.
Regardless of that, this Sunflower State can be a top destination if your goal is to kill a record book whitetail.

4. Illinois

Illinois had almost 299 bucks entered into the Boone & Crockett books from 2005-2010, which put it in second in comparison to the other states. As categories go, that’s a pretty important one to rank in.missouri 143853 1024x768 - 5 Best Hunting Places in the U.S.

The antlerless harvest is well over 100,000 per year. The pressure is high but no more so than many other states. Trophy production is through the roof, and there is a reasonable amount of public land available. If you go hunting in Illinois, you certainly won’t regret it.

3. Missouri

Missouri stands as an up-and-coming star. Several online and TV hunting shows have been born in Missouri in the last several years, placing it on the radar for many of us.
The trophy potential is amazing, and there’s a huge amount of public land available. The pressure is 8.3 hunters per square mile, which is pretty reasonable.
Don’t overlook Missouri when planning on hunting the Midwest this year.

2. Indiana

This beautiful state offers the best chance at taking a record book whitetail, offering an 84% chance a taking a Booner.indiana 18145 1024x706 - 5 Best Hunting Places in the U.S.
It is also in the top ten for total B&C entries over the last ten years, and despite a fair amount of pressure, hunters enjoy a 50% success rate. This, combined with a great amount of public land available, earned Indiana a number two spot on the list.
The number one spot is for…

1. Kentucky

For years, Kentucky has been one of the best-kept secrets of the hunting world.
It seems to be able to offer everything you want. Long seasons, friendly regulations, reasonable pressure, and a large, healthy, well-balanced herd.
Most of its public land has trophy potential, which is why Kentucky is at the top of the list for the best places to hunt whitetail in the U.S.
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