4 Reasons to hit the outdoors this Spring in "Glamping" style!

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Worry less and “Glamp” more!

Glamping is the best way to combine “traditional” camping with glamour. Amenities and resort-style services are incorporated into the wilderness. What else can you ask for?

Here are three great reasons why you should consider glamping for your next vacation:

1. Unnecessary Technology stays home

Glamping does include technology, it is about luxury and comfort. But you can certainly choose to leave out technology altogether. Choose to can interact with your family, chat around the bonfire, and spend some good quality time without distractions.

2. Glamping is good for your health

Spending regular time outdoors improves health. Not only physical but also mental health improves when you enjoy time on the wilderness. Stress levels drop down, as you feel more rested and energized. It also boosts the levels of vitamin D in the body, providing a source for bone health and preventing osteoporosis.

3. Luxury in the great outdoors

Glamping combines the adventure of the outdoors with luxury and comfort. While one member can wake up early morning and chop some wood, the late morning risers can enjoy a relaxing bath in their in-room hot tub. You can cook your favorite dishes, read a book or drink some wine while appreciating the magnificence of nature around you.
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4. Create unique memories

Nowadays most memories are packed into very predictable environments. But when you are out in nature, opportunities to embark on unique adventures are waiting on every corner; hiking, fishing, and campfire stories. Add to this the luxurious experience of Glamping, and you’ve created magical memories for life. Memories that you and your family can treasure for years to come.
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