3 Simple Steps to Choose A Custom Made Banner

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Our custom banners come in all sizes, colors, and styles.

Denver Tent offers a large variety of custom banners and banner related products. We offer digital and screen printing services. Our custom banner department also offers fabric sublimation and four-color process capabilities.

1. Picking the Right Size of Banner

Make sure that you select a size that will be visible from the distance that you want people to see it. Think about the place where you will place the banner and consider if there may be any obstacles in its way. The size of the banner is crucial to ensure that the sign is efficient and brings the results you want.

2. Determine the Text

After you choose the place to put it, determine the text and colors that will be used in your sign. Sometimes, people feel tempted to fit in as much as text and color as they can, but when it comes to designing, less is more, and if you choose the right elements, it will make your banner even more appealing and eye-catching. At Denver Tent, we can help you create the best banner to attract your customers.

3. Fonts, Color, and Background 

There are millions of fonts to choose from, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Choose thick fonts that people can see from a distance unless your sign is going to be seen closer, in which case it may be okay to choose a more elaborate font. Once you pick an initial font, choose one more font that balances well with the original font. This will allow your message to stand out and not look too busy.

Also, choose a single color scheme to give your custom banner a more professional appearance. Bright colors draw attention, but make sure that they are not difficult to read or distracting.

Powerful banner performance involves much more than just installation. We take the time and proper steps to guarantee our banners produce the maximum impact possible, offering businesses a great impression on their potential customers. Set up an appointment and let us help you with all of your custom banner needs!

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