3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Hand Made Denver Tent

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One of the things that we enjoy the most about Summer is camping. We remember this time when I went camping with some friends on the beach, and it rained for two days and we had our worst night ever! After that poor camping experience, we changed the camping gear and bought a high-quality tent. Today, we would like to give you three reasons why you should buy a Hand Made Canvas Denver Tent.


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Denver Tent Company has been making custom made tents in Colorado since 1890. Our high-quality custom-made tents are manufactured by hand and are built to last and resist all weather conditions for a very long time. During all these years we have experienced all types of camping scenarios and conditions, which allows us to create the best handmade tents and outdoor accessories for our customers.

Lasting Quality

From Glamping and luxury to sports hunting tents, we create high-quality handmade tents. We’ve spent over a century perfecting our tents and we are proud to have a high-quality product that is Made in America. In fact, our tents are constructed right here in Denver, Colorado.

Genuine Passion

oyster lodge colorado lodge 04985173wa s 300x200 - 3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Hand Made Denver TentAt Denver Tent, we love what we do and every single product that we manufacture we do it with the utmost care and passion. Another great reason why you should buy our handmade canvas tents.

Denver Tent Company: If You Can Imagine It, We Can Make It

At Denver Tent Company our goal is to provide top of the line canvas wall tents and sportsmen tents for all outdoor adventurers. Whether you are a working rancher spending nights on the range in our Range Tent or a hobby camper looking for a spacious, luxurious tent for the whole family like our Lodge Tentthe Denver Tent Company tents are the best in the industry.

Our vision is to be the premier tent and outdoor products resource in the industry by offering exceptional quality, trusted advisory and unparalleled customer service at competitive pricing for our clients.

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