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  • Our history with Denver Tent goes back some fifty years with the purchase of one of your camping tents…the tent is in original and excellent condition…the only thing not original are the tent stakes…certainly speaks well of the quality of a Denver Tent product after five decades of use.

    Jack R. Bol
  • It was a very successful and enjoyable trip and the new made all the difference. Everyone complimented the quality and workmanship...and the comfortable space after we got all of our gear inside; it was excellent!!

    Clay Porter
  • ...we actually had one of the tents get seriously snowed upon at 12,000 ft and when we finally got up there to take it down, so much snow had fallen that the poles were pounded into the ground at least a foot and many of the poles were bent from the snow weight...BUT no damage to the canvas tent!!! We were very impressed and I actually have photos of the tent...you make a great product!!!!!

    Dana Ivers Owner, Cow Creek Outfitters
  • I wanted to let you know that we had bought one of your tents about three years ago, and it recently met its demise, not in the field, where it performed beautifully, but while in storage when it was drowned in a sewage leak. I am happy to be able to make such an easy decision to order another.

    Anne Egger School of Earth Sciences - Stanford University
  • Wow! I love my new WeatherMax . Never thought I could be so comfortable with 5 other big men in such a small space while hunting….The tent was very warm, withstood a large snow and wind storm beautifully and I was surprised to see no condensation whatsoever. This is a great and strong product and a big thank you to Denver Tent! I will tell you again, WOW! what a great tent for hunting, that WeatherMAX material is superb!

    Mike Dilisa
  • I wanted to send a note of thanks to you and your staff. We got into a nasty storm in eastern Utah this weekend and my Denvercowboy tepee performed great. No leaks. Great job.

    Shelby Standefer
  • Our Denver Tents have been an AWEsome addition to our outdoor program here at Sacramento State - they've been real game changers for us in terms of creating the whole concept of our mobile "Field Camp(us)"

    David B. Rolloff Professor at California State University
  • Denver Tent company rescued us! We were able to rent tables and chairs, and get two tents installed at two different locations in the Rocky Mountains on two days notice! Their staff is very pleasant to work with and they did an excellent job onsite. Will use them whenever we have a similar job and, hopefully, give them more notice.

    Kay Shaw
  • If you are in Denver (or even not) and need a canvas wall tent....shop here!

    Sean Wylde

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